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Get my top strategies and step by step carb cycling plan for female CrossFitters so you can learn how to time your carb intake based on whether you are attacking each workout once or twice - to give you enough fuel in the tank to stay on your game and improve your score.
“Going hard” in the open workouts isn’t enough anymore... 
Everyone knows how to “go hard” these days. 

If you want to gain that extra edge (aka extra reps :), you need the right nutrition strategies to ensure you are well fueled and can consistently peak for the Open workouts every week. 

Just going hard during your WODs might work OK during the rest of the year... but it’s not nearly enough if you are trying to improve your Open Placing. You know the saying, “You can’t out train a bad diet?” It’s completely true, paritucalrly when it comes to 5 week's of competition. 

If you aren't fuelling correctly each week or get your timing right with your nutrition - leading up to each Open WOD, you'll struggle to get to the score you want, you may feel gassed early on or when you’re only halfway done… And you’ll struggle to continue to peak towards the back end of the Open (when most athlete's performance, energy and fitness starts to drop).  
You Need a Specific Strategy Based on When You Are Doing the Workouts

So, maybe now you’re thinking, “OK fine. I’ll be good and eat clean during this time. You happy now?” Sorry my friend... Just “Eating Clean” Isn’t specific enough if you are serious about doing the best you can in the CrossFit Open.

You need a specific strategy based on when you are doing the workouts, as well as whether you are attacking each workout once or twice (or more!). This will ensure you have enough fuel (glycogen) in the tank to recover as soon as possible after the first attempt, and be ready to attack the second attempt feeling fresh and energised. 

This is key! Too many people underestiate the power that carb timing and cycling has for improving performance and helping you recovery quickly so you can stay at the top of your game thorughout the entire five weeks. 

That’s exactly what I am giving you in the Carb Cycling to Improve Your Open Performance Guide. You get my top strategies & CrossFit Open nutrition plan, my pre-and-post workout nutrition strategies, recovery tips, and the step by step of how to utilize carb-cycling based on whether you are attacking each workout once or twice (or more) to make sure you have enough fuel in the tank to stay on your game no matter what the workouts bring. 

I give you different specific nutrition advice depending on the amount of times you are attempting the workout each week.

Getting this right is key. 

It all comes down to knowing the science of glycogen (and the magic of it ;-) and making sure you keep your glycogen stores full so you can peak right when you need to every week. I break it down for you in an easy to understand way and give you the practical step-by-step of how to implement this. 

This course is taken from the material I give to my private clients, and is only available for a week to purchase separately like this, and then this program won’t be open again for a loooong time, like not until next year (and the next time around, it will probably cost more).
What's Inside The CrossFitters Guide to Carb Cycling for the Open?
Step by Step Carb Cycling Plan to Improve Your Scores
Specific Fuelling Advice For Multiple WOD Attempts
Daily Meal Plans With Corresponding Recipes
BONUS Recovery Hacks to Give You That Extra Edge
Learn The Exact Nutrition Knowledge You Need To Boost Your Energy, Time Your Carbs Right & Improve Your Open Scores. 
My Step-by-step Guide For Utlizing Carb Cycling to Improve Your Open Scores
  • ​Which type of carbs you should be eating leading up to the Open workouts. 
  • How to utilise "carb cycling" throughout the CrossFit Open so you can have maximum energy for each Open WOD, with plenty of “gas in the tank” - without gaining fat.
  • Why having filled up glycogen stores is scientifically proven to enhance your performance. 
  • ​My practical plan to implement all of this, by following a few simple guidelines
Specific Fuelling Advice Based on Whether you are Attacking Each Workout Once or Twice 
  • How to fuel right based on whether you are doing the Open workouts once or twice (or more!) so you can be in peak condition for each attempt.
  • ​How to use carbs to recover as soon as possible after the first attempt, and be ready to attack the second attempt feeling fresh and energised.  
Daily Meal Plans, Pre-and Post-Workout Meal Ideas and Corresponding Recipes 
  • Detailed daily meal plans with food ideas and corresponding recipes that have been trialled, tested and proven to boost your performance. 
  • Exactly what you should should eat for performance - you can even copy my exact meal plans, see how I group different foods together, and use all my favorite recipes. 
  • No impossible-to-follow meal plans that make you hate eating ;-) and no wacky recipes that require heaps of weird ingredients.
BONUS: Top Hacks to Give You An Extra Edge Through Quick Recovery 
  • Bonus recovery sheet which will be particularly helpful if you are re-attempting workouts within 48 hours, so you can feel fresh as quickly as possible. 
  • ​Specific therapeutic food and natural supplement recommendations for performance based training, to help you recover and keep your immune system in tip top shape, so you can peak again week after week. 
It Just Works! See what my community has to say... 
Do NOT Do The Next Open WOD Without This Plan!
Seriously... don't do it. 

You’ve done the hours of preparation. The weeks of consistent training leading up to this. 

You’ve worked far too hard to let a nutrition or fuelling error stuff up your Open result. 

You owe it to yourself to take your nutrition seriously and give yourself the best shot at success.

...without wasting your time on trial and error, because I have already done the hard work for you!

Why risk going into the CrossFit Open unsure of what carb and nutrition protocols you should put in place, when you can just follow my step-by-step training to give you that extra edge and get it right from the start?

This plan is proven and is simple to follow...

...you just need to use my training to guide you in the right direction.

The minute you sign up you will be granted complete access to the " training for just $27 USD.
Yep, just $27 USD
And you can finally understand exactly how to fuel properly for the Open Workouts,  even if you are attempting them more than once, without draining your energy and becoming overwhelmed and frustrated. 

You'll know how to attack your Open workouts and get the results you want, so you can end up with an Open score that adequately reflects your level of fitness, & the time and effort you have put into your CrossFit training.

The choice is yours.

If you want to get started, click the 'Add To Cart' button below to finally have 'The Carb Cycling Guide to Improve Your Open Performance' with you throughout the Open. 

...So you can finally stop messing up, underfuelling, under-recovering -- and instead get the result you deserve...

If this sounds good to you, then click the 'Add To Cart' button right now! 

Your Questions Answered...
Is there a guarantee?

Yes...I have a 7-day guarantee. 

If you don't receive massive value in this training,  just email to let me know and I will refund your $27 USD. 

I don't think it'll come to that, but if you're at all worried if this will work for you, then this makes it a no-brainer for you. 

Either get the value you need, or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

How long will it take to get access?

You'll receive immediate access! 

Your program with all the PDFs will be sent directly to your email inbox and it's yours to keep forever! 
Is it only a one-off payment of $27?

Yep. It sure is. If you're thinking "how is it only $27...there must be a catch?" Then here are this should put your mind at rest. 

I made this course $27 to make the material more affordable and available to everyone so anyone who is doing the Open can get easier access to this kind of information. 

I also believe that once you receive this training and see how much of a massive impact it can have on performance, your life will change for the better - which makes me happy.


There's no fine print, no hidden costs and no catch. Just the information you need and the results you want.

Get INSTANT Access To 
'The Carb Cycling Guide to Improve Your Open Performance' Now!
Get INSTANT Access To 'The Carb Cycling Guide to Improve Your Open Performance' Now!
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